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Welcome to Virtualvisuals!! This is a collection of screenshots that I have taken from the online community called Second Life. I taken great care in capturing these moments in time to record history as it happens in real time. I enjoy photography and video capturing as evident here, well almost. These are taken during certain events I attend in Second Life and sharing with my friends these wonderful memories of a life time has given me great pleasure. Be looking for more great slideshows and galleries, check back often!!
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RFL 2012 Memory Lane

Events of RFL 2012.

Storybook Friends, Once Upon A Time For A Cure.

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Rory Larnia did a fantastic job of having the Storybook Friends in this presentation of how children wanted to help hunt and find a cure for cancer!! Rory tells the story in a way that brings tears and a smile when she tells how she and Heath went on a search for a cure for cancer, she tells about how meeting Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo’ Peep, and Jack and Jill joined with them as they went hunting and searching, all the while asking more of their StoryBook Friends to join them in the Hunt for A Cure!!

The Mentors of Relay For Life of Second Life

The Mentors of Relay For Life of Second Life.

Mentor Campsite!!

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The Mentors this year had our very own campsite for the first time!! Noki Blindside headed up the developement and ultimate build!! Had a camp fire, Panza’s world class gumbo, LOL!! And a wonderful build period was enjoyed by all.

Survivor and CareGivers Art Show and Auction

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The Survivors and CareGivers Groups held an Art Show and Auction recently. Take a look!!

Mardi Gras, Relay Style pt.2

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And a few more shots of Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras, Relay Style!!

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  We had Mardi Gras this year which was a fun event put on by the Teams R Us committee which included a lot of entertainment by live performers and DJs, even had a parade!!

Medieval May Day RFL 2012

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An event put on by the RFL 2012 Mentors Group, castle, tents set up as stores, and all kinds of entertainment and a great time by all.

Halfway There Faire

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